28th of December 2011

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Anonym | 8th March 2012 (03:14:44)

Boards for 2012 and 2013... Ceri, if a company like Fanatic or RRD or even a newer company wants to register a formula board can they or do they need to wait until 2014? I think a company who is either new to formula or has not had a board registered in a few years wants to get in the game it should be allowed. It can only be good for the class... Others thoughts??

usa-4 | 8th March 2012 (08:43:46)

As if 10 new boards to choose form in 2012 wasnt enough?
We voted on this 3 years ago and decided getting a new board every year was killing the sport since the development seemed to plateau. Registration is now currently limited to every 2 years.
The free formula class encourages new developers to sail their unregistered boards in events next to registered boards. So far- its encouraged only 1 manufacturer to make a new board in the off year.

laird | 9th March 2012 (02:40:42)

All the big companies, RRD and Fanatic are very aware of this rule, their team riders that do formula also should no. Why didn't they step up the year before and made a board, why only now they want to make a board? If they want to make a board, get organized and make one at the right time. Like JP did.

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