8th of September 2006

AGM 2006 summary...

Over 30 delegates and observers assembled for the 2006 AGM.
In total 21 votes were either present or received by email - ensuring that there was quorum for the meeting.
These votes were made up from : 3 committee votes, 7 email votes(from member national associations) and 11 delegates present.

Class Rule changes.
-> The proposal for a 2 year registration period for boards was APPROVED.
To clarify: boards registered(with ISAF) by 30th September 2007will be eligible to compete in international competition during 2008/2009. For the next period, 2010/2011, boards must be registered by 30th September 2009. The Chairman had also received letters of support for this proposal from Exocet,F2 and Starboard.

-> The proposals for a 75cm fin limit and minimum mast weight were NOT APPROVED.
However, it was agreed to hold a one year "trial period" to better evaluate these proposals; it was not agreed to automatically approve these changes for 2008.

Championship Rules.
-> The AGM APPROVED the proposals to include new formats within the championship rules - ie crosswind (or "slalom" type) and long distance races ; and authorised the committee to action workable solutions.

-> The proposal to lower minimum wind limits was NOT APPROVED.

Championship venues and titles.
-> It was APPROVED to continue co-operation with the Formula Experience Class - and combine an FE Junior World Championsip (title) with Formula Youth World Championship(title) at the Formula Festival, offering a clear structure for the development of formula racing.
-> Also APPROVED- to hold the 2007 Formula Womens World Championship during the Festival event;
-> it was NOT APPROVED to move the Formula Masters World Championship(title) to the senior Worlds , it remains a Festival event.

-> The AGM APPROVED the re-election of those committee members offering themselves for re-election: ie Ceri Williams(also Chairman), Markus Huhtinen (also Vice Chairman), Phil McGain, Ian Fox, Didier Flamme, Andrea Cucchi.
It was also recommended that Jin-Woo Park (KOR), Willhelm Schurmann (BRA) and Sarah Sherwood be co-opted to the committee.

Any other business.
-> Ranking scheme- the AGM supported the proposal to maintain the existing scheme.

-> 2012- the AGM supported a change of olympic equipment for 2012; and, furthermore, that the Formula Class promote a Trial during the next 12 months to ensure a workable and acceptable alternative exists by November 2007.

-> Girls/women in Formula- it was agreed that the committee actively seeks new measures to support and encourage womens participation in the formula events; and that the future also lies within the development of a strong youth division.

1st of July 20212021 AGM minutes and election results

22nd of June 2019ELECTIONS - 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Windsurfing Class

To be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019, after racing, at the event venue, Puck

19th of June 2019Agenda - 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Windsurfing Class

To be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019, after racing, at the event venue, Puck

19th of October 20182018 Annual General Meeting minutes

The meeting was held on Wednesday 19th September 2018, Clube Naval Portimao.

9th of October 2018Committee changes ...

Following this years AGM Vasco Chaveca has decided to step down from the class committee.

29th of June 20172017 AGM of the International FW Class - MINUTES

Thursday 29th June 2017, Santa Croce, Italy.

8th of February 2017General Meeting approves change to Production Board Rule

The committee approved a change from 50 boards to 25 boards required to commit to producing by brand registering a design with World Sailing.

15th of December 2014Alex Morales joins the management committee

Steve Bodner, long serving member of the FW community, has decided to stand down from committee duties; Alex Morales has been co-opted to fill the vacancy and to represent the North American formula community.

20th of April 2014AGM Agenda published .....

The 2014 AGM will take place during the upcoming Worlds in the Azores.
There have been no proposals submitted to change Class Rules or Championship Rules.

28th of August 20132013 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Annual General Meeting of the International Formula Windsurfing Class held on Thursday 11th July 2013 in the competitor area, event site, Viganj, Croati. Here're minutes from the 2013 AGM.

2nd of July 20132013 AGM Agenda is published ...

This years Annual General Meeting can look forward to a good attendance, since the venue looks to have attracted a (potential) record entry.
It may be the first visit to Croatia for an IFWC Worlds, but if you are not booked in now you may be asking yourself - Why Not !?
The Agenda is long, even without many submissions to vote on, because there are some important "discussion" items that will help drive future class policy .

Agenda & proposals
Voting Paper

14th of January 2013New Racing Rules of Sailing - Windsurfing Competition Rules - changes explained

Andrus Poksi, ISAF IJ from Estonia, has very kindly put together this short summary of changes to WCR in the RRS 2013>2016 edition.