Pattaya Thailand, 6 December 2000

International Board Sailing Association Annual General Meeting 2000

The Official IBSA Voting delegates were identified from those present.

Meeting opened at 7.30 p.m., Chaiman: Felipe Bellini, President of IBSA.

Item 1... Mins of the 1999 meeting were presented for comments by Peter England,there were no matters arising,acceptance was proposed by John Ellis(GBR) and seconded by Theo Don (NED) and unanimously accepted by the delegates.

Item 2... Presidents Report .. Felipe Bellini read the annual report submitted three weeks earlier to the ISAF AGM and added the items that had been included in the earlier class agm's, held in Murcia in August.

The campaign for FW 2004, and why it had been frustrated, was explained in some detail, together with the projected future campaign particularly on the Youth front.

The formation of the "IWA" was explained and the intention to incorporate all the current "IBSA" class activities inside this new body put to the meeting. This was unanimously supported by the meeting and all voting delegates.

Item 3... Financial report, in the absence of the Treasurer, a statement of the 1999 year end figures and bank balances was made by the Gen.Sec.(Peter England). Balance sheets were available for those current members who requested them.

There was a small reduction in reserves from the 1998 figures.

The previous item, relating to IWA and its initial funding, meant that a significant amount of the IBSA reserves will be invested in the "Seed capital" of the IWA.

It was proposed that the residue is held in an investment account, managed by a sub committee drawn from the current IBSA Excom. Proceeds to be used for the benefit of the sport This report and proposal was unanimously approved.

There was no other Business for the IBSA AGM, meeting closed at 7.55 Pm


The meeting opened at 8.00p.m.

The Class Chairman (Peter England) made a short introduction and then turned the Chairmanship of the meeting to Don Sutherland (Vice chair ISAF Windsurfing Comm.).

Don went into considerable detail on the FW 2004 campaign and the Edinburgh decision, its ramifications and possible future alternatives. There was specific comment from Italy and from Croatia on relationships with their MNA's and how the voting was not in touch with Windsurfing and its needs.

Agenda Item 1 Class Committee Structure.

Theo Don read a draft structure for this and invited comment.The meeting decided that the committee should represent three areas of activity, and added an additional seat for a womens representative. From the candidates the following were elected:

· Peter England (GBR) Measurer/rules
· Ceri Williams (GBR) Measurer/Rules
· Theo Don (NED) Webmaster/ youth activity
· Jamie Lever (GBR,Sailor rep)
· Dorota Staszewska (POL, Womens rep)
· Arnon Dagan (ISR Sailor Rep)
· Wojtek Brzozowski (POL Sailor rep)
· Mauro Covre (ITA Youth rep)
· Achilleas Tzimas (GRE Youth rep)

An additional member will be elected at the next FW youth AGM.

The elections are for four years, with 50% to be re-elected after the first two year period. Those who retire at elections MAY recandidate. Thereafter there will be an election for not less than 50% of the class committee every two years. This was unanimously approved by the meeting.

Item 2 Future Events and Class rules.

The class rule changes included as part of the 2004 bid package were explained and the reasons behind the "fixed registration date".

Representatives of BIC, Starboard and Fanatic expressed concern about such short notice,and the impracticality of March as the cut off date. The constraints of the production and distribution system make the end of OCTOBER the most practical registration date,with no racing eligibility at International events till 1st Jan of the following year. This will allow "in container" time for most continents to have sufficient boards to hand for the whole year.

Peter England agreed that the new date would not work for 2001 and a way would be found to allow flexibility for next season. This matter would be clarified with the manufacturers at the meeting in Dusseldorf in January.

Competitors expressed concern that some competitors were delaying fixing Sail Tags until well into the event. This was noted and suitable amendments to the checking procedure will be made.

The number of competitors at a worlds was debated and it was decided that a maximum of 160 in the mens fleet was acceptable for future championships, with split fleets.

Some competitors expressed a preference for the "2 heats and a final" with no silver and gold fleet cutoff, this is similar to the current PWA racing format.

The FW Committee will debate this and decide the next years format.

The basic principle that existing 2001 events agreements will be honoured if possible. Concerns were expressed at some of the venues and times. The Fw Committee will liase with the organisers as soon as possible to clarify the callendar.

2002 events may have a different set of basic requirements that may include a minimum prize money level at any events having "Sail Stickers" or sailor vests.

The Youth FW rules and event were discussed and it was decided that a compromise position would be in effect for next years event in Italy. This is for the same reasons of "cutoff dates" on equipment and listings.

The Organisers from Oita, Japan presented their proposal for the next Asian Championships. These were accepted with the reservation that they must be "Open" and have at least 80 potential starters. There should be at least 20 non Japanese slots and at least 20 non Asian slots available in this 80. There should be no close conflict with the FW Worlds on the dates.

These points will be specified in the agreement between the Class (IBSA/IWA), to be completed as soon as possible.

The new FW Committee scheduled a meeting for the following evening to refine the relevant parts of the immediate business.

Item 3 Any Other Business.

Jim Drake was pleased to express his enthusiasm for FW, a real breakthrough that has revitalised the whole sport, with which he has been directly involved with since its inception. He was pleased to be part of a meeting with such a positive and constructive view of the future.

His suggestion for a proactive position to encourage more women into the class was, supported by the whole meeting. (The FW class website will soon have a specific womens page)

Phil McGain,past chairman of the PWA expressed his opinion that FW was the future for racing in the sport and had the full support of the professional Association.

Don Sutherland thanked everyone and closed the meeting at 10.00 pm

1st of July 20212021 AGM minutes and election results

22nd of June 2019ELECTIONS - 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Windsurfing Class

To be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019, after racing, at the event venue, Puck

19th of June 2019Agenda - 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Windsurfing Class

To be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019, after racing, at the event venue, Puck

19th of October 20182018 Annual General Meeting minutes

The meeting was held on Wednesday 19th September 2018, Clube Naval Portimao.

9th of October 2018Committee changes ...

Following this years AGM Vasco Chaveca has decided to step down from the class committee.

29th of June 20172017 AGM of the International FW Class - MINUTES

Thursday 29th June 2017, Santa Croce, Italy.

8th of February 2017General Meeting approves change to Production Board Rule

The committee approved a change from 50 boards to 25 boards required to commit to producing by brand registering a design with World Sailing.

15th of December 2014Alex Morales joins the management committee

Steve Bodner, long serving member of the FW community, has decided to stand down from committee duties; Alex Morales has been co-opted to fill the vacancy and to represent the North American formula community.

20th of April 2014AGM Agenda published .....

The 2014 AGM will take place during the upcoming Worlds in the Azores.
There have been no proposals submitted to change Class Rules or Championship Rules.

28th of August 20132013 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Annual General Meeting of the International Formula Windsurfing Class held on Thursday 11th July 2013 in the competitor area, event site, Viganj, Croati. Here're minutes from the 2013 AGM.

2nd of July 20132013 AGM Agenda is published ...

This years Annual General Meeting can look forward to a good attendance, since the venue looks to have attracted a (potential) record entry.
It may be the first visit to Croatia for an IFWC Worlds, but if you are not booked in now you may be asking yourself - Why Not !?
The Agenda is long, even without many submissions to vote on, because there are some important "discussion" items that will help drive future class policy .

Agenda & proposals
Voting Paper

14th of January 2013New Racing Rules of Sailing - Windsurfing Competition Rules - changes explained

Andrus Poksi, ISAF IJ from Estonia, has very kindly put together this short summary of changes to WCR in the RRS 2013>2016 edition.