Friday, 3rd of October, Dranske/Germany

AGM, Dranske '03


1) Welcome ;and registration of delegates /voting .

2) Minutes of previous meeting .

3) Matters arising -from 2002 minutes .

4) Chairmans Report .

5) Financial statement .

6) Committee elections.
Note: No elections this year -except to approve any committee apointments to fill vacancy .

7) Class Committee and NA recommendations (to be voted)

8) Class Rule changes .
Note: We have already agreed to freeze the material rules till 2005 . No items for approval -but depending on time we can start disscusion from floor re possibilities for 2005 onwards.

9) FW and the Olympics 2008 .

10) Sailor Reps reports
Dorota and Pieter invited to speak.

11) Any other business -topics from the floor .
Note: Depending on time available.


Submission no 1.
To change the age group for Youth from under 19 to under 20 years of age (age as at 31 st december in the year of competition ); and to remove the age category of Espoir .

Reasons :
a) Espoir is not universally understood ,or used in any other Class;and to bridge the gap between youth and senior it is better to increase the age limit for Youth .
b) To simplify the TITLE structure - particularly in the minds of those outside of the sport ,including the public, media and sponsors.
c) To fall in line with the existing Olympic Class .

Ceri Williams,

Submission no 2.
The nowadays situation is that Junior and Youth sailors have to use ASA

This should be changed as follows :
a) Sailors of the Junior and Youth class can use all boards from the previous year list.
b) Sailors of the Junior and Youth class can register 1 board, 3 riggs and two finns.

Reasons :
a) The nowadays regulation to use ASA boards only has brought a lot ofsailors into big problems with their main sponsors, which do not provide them with ASA Boards and are not interested to see their team members on boards from other brands just during the most important events. Theretoo the junior and youth sailors have expressed their opinions during the last World event at Italy, letting no daubt about the fact that those competing on international level are not interested in ASA technology at all. The arguments that ASA Board racing is cheaper than FW racing has turned into the opposite because now all sailors on international levelhave to have two sets of racing material minimum. Theretoo compared with the costs of parttaking in racing on international level the higher costs of some 200 to 300 Euro for FW boards instead ofASA boards are marginal.

b) For Juniors and youth sailors three riggs should be aloud. Children doneed to have the possibillity to change sailsizes. The nowadays situation to allow just two riggs brings junior racers into trouble to choose betweenthe possible 8.5 /11 qm and only one smaller sail. Three sails give them the chance to sail also in stronger wind as the highest windspeed is set to 35 kn. To cover the windspeedarea from 8 to 35 knots three sails are the minimum. There is no reason, why the professionals PWA sailors are allowed to use three riggs, but the children only two in the same possible conditions.

Ernst Schliemann

Submission no 3.
I would like to propose that equipment restrictions change to the following:

2 boards
4 sails
4 fins

This is to encourage the chances of doing some downwind/slalom racing.You would be allowed to register any two boards and any four sails witha max of 12.5. Boards have to be under the current productionlimitations and fins 70 max. For upwind racing make the max at 20knots and this is the minimum for downwind racing.

Micah Buzianis

Submission no 4.

1.The Formula Windsurfing World Championships shall be given to thedifferent continents like this:

first year : Europe/Africa
second year: South/ North America
third year: Asia/ Australia and than back to first year

2. The Racevenue of a World Championship shall be fixed not later than sixmonths before the championship, the NOR and all needed travel informationsshall be availavle not later than three months before the event , theracevenue shall be visited by a representative of the IFWA or IWA beforethedecision.

3. The racevenue shall be within a circle of 200 km to the nextinternational airport and shall be easily reachable by car.

4. The FW Class shall make a bid to the IWA to make sure that in future noother World or Continental FW event is terminated with its final day 14daysbefore the registration day of FW Worlds ( e.g Eurocup, PWA, DWC )

Reasons :
The nowadays situation gives only professional supported racersachance to reach all important FW events in time with their full material.Sometimes less than 48 hours are between the finish of the last race andtheregistration to the next. This keeps amateur racers out.

The intention of the FW sport is the free and open entry to attrack theseevents to as much as possible windsurfers. No amateur is able to handlehisand his material transfer within such a short time as asked nowadays.

Charly Schliemann

Submission No.5

At the FW Youth World Championships - Lake Garda (Italy) sailors had to use ASA Boards from the list "Approved FW Youth boards for 2003 Youth World Championships".

This should be changed to the original rule that was agreed on during the AGM in Sylt:
Sailors in the Formula Windsurfing class (Junior, Youth, Masters,..) can use, like the Men and Women, all boards that are registered as ISAF Production Funboard.

Reasons :
a) The restriction to use ASA boards within the FW class makes no sense. If people want to race in a cheaper - "one-design alike class" they should join the Formula Experience Class. Formula Windsurfing is the Top end of the Racing-pyramid, don't bring it down.
b) It is crazy to put a Ferrari-engine (Neil Pryde NP3, Gaastra Nitro,.....) in a Volkswagen (ASA) board.

Koen Sonck
Secretary Belgian Association 4 Boardriding Competitors
Chairman Belgian Formula Windsurfing Class

Submission No.6
1 °) Considering what happened this year: Two Championships while the AG had decided to group them and to make only one. A new limitation on the young people equipment while the AG had decided to change nothing.

To remind to Committee and Chairman, our constitution last year voted: "… 7.1 - The General Assembly shall be the Authoritative body of the Class which will devolve such general administrative and /or executive power to the Class Committee it deems relevant… - 8.7 - The Class committee is responsible for the technical management of the class and all matters not delegated to other bodies by the general assembly…”

It is the AGM which is sovereign and which decides, the committee which "works" according to decisions and orientations given by the AGM and the Chairman who is responsible for the good execution of voted decisions.

Under no circumstances, neither the President, nor the committee can work against AGM decisions.
To be voted:
Committee and Chairman have to work in the respect of the constitution, put in action and respect AGM decisions. All evolution proposals should be proposed to the following GM, which is sovereign to decide on it.

2 °) It was decided by 2002 AGM that there would be only a single World Championships regrouping the young people and the seniors. We ask that this decision will be applied.

To be voted:

AGM re asserts its last year expressed will to regroup in an only one event, in a common place and in a common time the young people and senior World Championships

3°) 2002 AGM has: “decided by voting to freezing of the current FW material rules for 2 years, 2003-2004”.

Applied supplementary limitations this year on the young people equipment are not so in accordance neither with the text, nor with the spirit of this decision.
To be voted:

AGM re asserts its last year expressed will to freezing of the current FW material rules for 2 years, 2003-2004 and asks for the immediate abandoning of all the decisions and\\\\or limitations taken in contradiction with this decision.

4 °) Our class is a High Level class which has to act as such. It has to have strict rules, known by everybody and applied; some limits, but not too much, so that manufacturers and competitors can completely express themselves in any knowledge of the facts

There are other classes for: beginners, One Design, leisure activities … let us not mix kinds, especially if we hope to become Olympic on day.

Didier Flamme has sent a mail to the other FW committee members to explain how he, Class Vice –Chairman, sees the class organization and its position between the other classes. If the committee agrees he can publish it.

To be voted:

a) AGM re asserts that Formula Windsurfing Class should be a High Level Class, going towards the elite, and that, as a consequence, it wishes that all the future decisions were always taken to progress in this way.

b) AGM wishes that Formula Windsurfing Class becomes neither a One Design class, nor a leisure activities class, nor a beginners class.

5 °) It is impossible to prepare athletes and to build a sports season without knowing the terms of it. What we lived this year does not have to reproduce any more also we ask that World Championships are foreseen in date and place, 2 years before and Continental Championships one year before. For this year it is, maybe, difficult or too late but we have to decide on it for next years

To be voted:
Next year (2004) AGM should receive propositions of the committee and decide on places and dates on the 2005 World Championships, if this (2003) AGM has no possibility of making it, and of those of 2006, then the 2005 AGM to decide on those of the 2007 and so on.

6°) Considering the evolution of practices, of classes and the number of available titles by class, it seems to us judicious to adapt, a little, the last year decision about titles by increasing of one year the young title and by giving it the name of Espoir

Title would be so Espoir (under 20). That is, for next year, people born in 1985 or later.

To be voted:

Titles are now SENIOR Men, SENIOR Women, ESPOIR Men (under 20), ESPOIR Women (under 20)

7°) Our current sports practices are more or less organized well. There are Continental and World Championships administered and controlled by the Class, independent and commercial circuits such EuroCup, a professional circuit administered by PWA. Especially let us not mix things, they are just balanced and any untimely modification could be fatal.

To attain Class Championships is still possible for non-professional competitors. PWA events does not get organized easily. It is necessary to keep things in the state. We do not see what there would be to win that the class organizes events which would cut it of its amateurs base and who could be rivalry with PWA circuit.

To be voted:

AGM asks its Committee and its Chairman to stop at once any project or reflection, about new events under form of circuit or other and to concentrate all their energy in a better organization of Continental and World Championships.

8°) In November this year, ISAF is going to choose the next Olympic series and has to decide if Windsurfing stays Olympic. If windsurfing stays Olympic, what we hope for, ISAF will decide in November 2004 on the equipment for the games.

It seems therefore time for FWC to decide its position on this subject and to let it know.
To be voted
A) The FW Class wishes that the board men and the board women stays Olympic.

B) The FW Class is in favor and will support the candidature of a short board.

C) The FW class prefers on open box system over a one design Class

D) The class FW itself should be a candidate for the Olympics,

If answers to these first 4 questions are negative, E & F are without object but if answers to these first 4 questions are yes:

E) AGM appoints its committee and its president to let inform everyone of its position

F) AGM appoints its committee and its president to try to find budgets necessary for this promotion

Marc Cardon

FFVoile Committee member
French Formula Windsurfing Class

Submission No.7
1)--Youth and junior Policy .

submission a) that the AGM approve the current policy as defined by the Committee ,published on the IFWC website ; and implemented for the Formula Festival (inc Youth Worlds ) in Garda ,2002.

submission b) that the AGM approve the current policy ,but amend the age limit for FW Youth to become under 20 .(see seperate submission )

submission c) that the agm approve the current policy for JUNIOR fw development-
equipment restricted to ASA boards from the FW annual list ;
equipment restricted to 2 sails ; 2 fins ;
that the championship for junior FW sailors be part of a FORMULA FESTIVAL.

Submission-- that WORLD Championship for MEN and WOMEN continue to be contested at a seperate championship event from YOUTH men and Youth women .

Submission -- that the World Championship for YOUTH Men and YOUTH women be contested as part of a FORMULA FESTIVAL ; in conjunction with Class tiles for Junior and Masters Divisions .

Submission A) - that the entry to FW World and European Championships be limited to : 120 men and 60 women .

Submission B) - that the entry to World and European Championships be via QUALIFICATION , and "wildcard "applications will only be allocated after the cut off date for Pre entry ,as published in the Notice of Race .
QUALIFICATION SYSTEM to be circulated as an Appendix to the AGM agenda .

Submission C)- that the Championship regatta be conducted as a qualification series of races ,with the competitors separated into two fleets ,on a daily basis ; and a FINAL series of races ,where competitors are placed in Gold Fleet(competing for Titles and Prize money ) and Silver fleet (competing for prizes ).
During the qualification series competitors will be seeded according to RANKING -established by the Class Committee according to results in previous Worlds and major Championship or Qualification regattas .

Submission D)- that the agm approve the current format of limiting World ,Continental and Qualification regattas to a maximum of 15 races ; maximum of 4 races per day ; and min. 3 races for a valid regatta (ie for Title or qualification -not disribution of Prize money and event trophies /prizes .)
If submission C approved -the qualification series shall consist of a minimum 6 /maximum 8 races ; the Finals a max 7 races .

Submission E)- that the Qualification Series for World Championships include Continental Championships and a series of major regattas worldwide ,class sanctioned, and designated GRAND PRIX events . Continental Championships may or may not be designated GP events .
GRAND PRIX TOUR structure will be circulated as Appendix to the Agenda .

Submission F)- that submission E is modified to ensure that at least ONE representative of each National Windsurfing Association (FW member ) is allocated a place by right to the Class World Championships .

Submission G) -that the Qualification Series for European Championships includes events that form part of continental tours ; and each National Windsurfing Association (FW member from a European country ) is allocated TWO places by right to the Championships .

Submission H)- that Continental Championships be designated OPEN events -ie open to competitors from outside that continent ; that the OPEN title/ prize can be won by any competitor ,irrespective of country of origin , BUT the CONTINENTAL Title can only be won by a sailor who is a member of a National Windsurfing Association from that Continent .

Ceri Williams,

Submission No.8
FW Worlds:
Prize money for the first three men and the first three women should be on the same level.

Dorota Staszewska Women Reps

Minutes 1. Welcome; and registration of delegates / Voting
1.1 Ceri Williams welcomed delegates and observers to the meeting on behalf of the Class and the organiser of the Championship, Uwe Ahlers, Mayor of Dranske.
1.2 CW congratulated the organisers for their achievement in securing the championship at such short notice , and for their efforts since the event started . Special thanks are also recorded for the essential contribution of Matthias Regber and the team at Choppy Water.

DELEGATES. National AssocProxy Votes 1 Jani Paju (FIN) 16 HKG –Ceri Williams 2 Krzysztof Jaszczynski (POL) 17 IRL-Ceri Williams 3 Miguel Martinho (POR) 18 AUS –Dorota Staszewska 4 Lieuwe Faber (NED) 19 ITA- Andrea Cucchi 5 Charles Schliemann (ESP) Committee 6 Micah Buzianis (USA) 20 Ceri Williams 7 Marc Cardon (FRA) 21 Pieter Bijl 8 Ansis Dale (LAT) 22 Dorota Staszewska 9 Gonzalo Costa Hoeval (ARG) 23 Andrea Cucchi 10 Wilhelm Schurmann(BRA) Committee - Proxy Votes Proxy Votes 11 Erik Rondeel (NOR) 24 Didier Flamme (Marc Cardon 12 Lucy Horwood (GBR) 25 Ian Fox (Pieter Bijl) 13 Matthias Regber (GER) 26 Phil Mcgain(Pieter Bijl 14 Johan Ekstadt (SWE) 15 Lars Pedersen (DEN)

1.3 Voting cards were presented to the committee and delegates.
1.4 CW explained the principles of the voting system ; the procedures for voting , an explanation of "simple majority " for making decisions on submissions and elections ,if held .

2. Minutes of the previous AGM -Sylt ,sept . 2002
2.1 The minutes were circulated shortly after the 2002 AGM, published on the FW website, and published in the IWA Yearbook(copies of which were circulated to this years AGM delegates )

3. Matters arising from the 2002 minutes
· Marc Cardon (FRA) questioned the validity of the election principles -his understanding was that he had been elected to fill the final place on the committee.
· KJ (Krzysztof Jaszczynski) confirmed that the process was correct, and had been approved prior to the 2002 AGM by Marc (then class Chairman).
· Furthermore the Minutes had been approved before publication.
· Minutes were approved -voting 19 yes, 2 no.

4. Chairman's Report
Overall a good year-but many challenges still face the Class.
The 2002 AGM recommended the new committee address 3 key areas:
· Agreements with Tour organisers (PWA and Euro -Cup)-and rationalising the Event Schedule. Some progress had been made in this direction, with close co-operation between the Class and organisers, and IWA. However no formal agreements (MOU) had been signed.
· Model Event Manual; standard NoRs and SI 's -to be formalised. Once again good progress had been made, although the "finished " article not yet ready!
· Clear Youth and Junior Policy needed. This was published before the year-end (2002) and implemented in 2003. Submissions to this AGM include modifications to that policy.
· More events and bigger entry to events; all the evidence points to substantial growth for the FW Class. The Europeans (May) had twice the entry in the Men's division compared to 2002 ; the Formula Festival -a new event -attracted an entry of 80 ,although the entry was down in the Youth Championship; the WORLDS ,despite a late announcement of dates , had 93 men and 23 women entrants (the biggest entry yet for a Women's Worlds )
· A report was received from South America -delivered by Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (ARG). At the 2003 Championships (Vittoria, Brazil) it was agreed by delegates to work closer in the future with IWA and IFWC; the 2004 Championship was scheduled for Columbia. The 2003 event attracted 70 competitors from 5 countries; which included 5 competitors in the formula experience sub division.
· US Windsurfing Tour -increased dialogue with organisers of the Tour and some specific events (inc. the Velocity Games); over 134 competitors have competed in the FW division -more than twice the entry in the combined Open and Prodigy divisions. Key events -Mid Winters (Florida); US OPEN; and the US and Canadian Nationals.
- PWA held two FW Race events (Leba and Sylt);
- FW WOMENS CUP -included a very successful event outside of Europe-alongside the Canadian Nationals.
- EURO-CUP. Matthias Regber presented a brief report (full details on the euro cup website)- 7 successful events (2 late cancellations-lack of sponsorship); and over 220 competitors.
- Baltic Cup. Ansis Dale (LAT) gave a report on the series that is growing from 3 venues to 4 in 2004 .An average of 65 competitors for events.
* This trend of GROWTH has also been reflected in many National Windsurfing Associations.
· Short Term Goals (reflected in the submissions)
a) Youth and Junior Policy
b) Championship Rules
· Longer Term Goals
a) review/rewrite Class Rules (for 2005 /2008)
b) and Constitution review.
- Many thanks to KJ and Bogo for outstanding work on the website. Also we now have very good and, separate, Youth and Women's pages .
"Please send your contributions to YOUR site -everything is published -no censorship "-KJ.

5. Financial Statement
5.1 A report from the IWA Treasurer (John Ellis) was presented to the meeting -it included: Income and Expenditure by Class and Activity (1 st January to 31st August 2003), and a Balance Sheet (as at 31 st August 2003).
5.2 CW announced that the Accounts for 2002 had been published at the IWA AGM held during the Formula Festival (Torbole, Garda in July)-had been put on the IWA website; and circulated copies to delegates.
5.3 Clearly the big earners for the IWA were IMCO and IFWC; but it was "policy" to support all classes through general expenses
5.4 Explanations were asked, and given, for:
a) Other Income (IMCO) --this is the subsidy paid by Boards and More to the Olympic Class, an agreement valid until end of Olympics .
b) Salaries (IMCO) and ADMIN .-these apply to the IWA Executive Secretary ,Rory Ramsden, and IWA Administrative Secretary, Annie Smith .
c) Consultants Fees (Joint Projects )-a Study commissioned by the IWA Board :undertaken by Aristeia to review support for the IWA White Paper (Olympic Equipment for 2008 ) and proposals to promote the Future of the Sport . An Executive Summary has been published on the IWA website. Matthias Regber felt savings could have been made if wider consultation had been undertaken -as there were available similar results from a study already available in Germany.

6. Committee Elections
6.1 According to the Constitution there is no election in 2003.
6.2 However the Committee had co opted a representative from South America onto the committee -Gonzalo Costa Hoevel (ARG); and were now asking the AGM to approve the co-option (Constitution Article 8.3) Approved -23 votes FOR. (Max 26 votes)

7. Submissions made by the committee and NWAs
Sub # Decision
1 The AGM approved the current and published Policy with amendments as follows. Votes -24 YES.
2 The AGM unanimously (26 YES) approved the following
- Sailors in the YOUTH age group can use all boards from the FW Annual List;
- Sailors in the JUNIOR age group shall be restricted to boards from the previous years FW annual list.
3/4 The AGM approved the additional restriction to be applied for World Championships: that Youth and Junior sailors' equipment be restricted to 3 sails and 2 fins. Votes -18 YES.
5 The AGM agreed to change the age group for YOUTH (from under 19) to UNDER 20; and to remove the Espoir division . Votes -22 YES.
6/7/8 Not voted, as not relevant due to above decisions.
9 That the Class hold one World Championship (i.e. combined) for Youth and Senior was NOT approved -yes 2 NO 24. Therefore item10/11 approved (i.e. YOUTH as part of the Formula Festival).
Sub # Decision
12 It was not approved -" that the World Championships should be decided by AGM 2 years in advance " -Votes -26 NO ; but it
13 was approved -that the date and place should be fixed not later than 6 months before the event; and the NOR and travel info published not later than 3 months before the event. Votes -26 YES.
14 AGM approved: the race venue for FW Worlds shall be within 200km of an International airport, and easily reachable by car. Votes -18 YES.
15/16 Not approved. The AGM recommended that the FW Worlds should rotate around continents when possible.
17 Approved: that the Class World and Continental Champs. Be limited to: 120 MEN and 60 WOMEN. Votes - 20 YES.
18 Approved: that the entry to World and European Champs. (For MEN) be via QUALIFICATION, and "wildcard " applications will only be allocated after the cut off date for Pre -entry (as published in the NOR). Votes - 20 YES.
19 Approved: that the (men's) Championship regatta be conducted as a qualification series of races, with competitors separated into two fleets; and a FINAL series of races, where competitors are placed in GOLD Fleet (competing for Titles and Prize money) and SILVER Fleet (competing for prizes). For the start of the Qs races the sailors will be seeded according to RANKING. Votes -18 YES.
20 Approved: the current format of limiting World, Continental (and Qualification) regattas to a max. Of 15 races; with max. 4 races per day; and min. of 3 races for a valid champs. Votes- 20 YES.
21 Approved: the qualification series shall consist of max. 8 races. Votes -20 YES.
22 Approved: the QUALIFICATION EVENTS for World Championships include Continental Champs, And a SERIES of major regattas worldwide ( a mix of the best events available ) class sanctioned and designated GRAND PRIX events . Votes -19 YES.
23 Deleted.
24 Approved: ONE representative of each National Windsurfing Association (FW member) is allocated a place by right to the Class World Champs.. (i.e. selected by national system ) Votes - 26 YES.
25 Approved: the Qualification Events for Continental Championships include events that form part of continental Tours; and each National Windsurfing Association (FW member from that continent) is allocated TWO places by right to the Champs. Votes -23 YES.
26 Not approved. Definition of Open and International events, and Continental Titles to be reviewed. Votes -17 NO.
27 Prize money structure for World Championships to be reviewed.
7.3.1 as time was not available, and no changes could be made to Class Rules for 2004, discussion was limited to an invitation to form a Working Party to rewrite and revise the equipment rules . A comprehensive task -that would need a report from the WG by may 2004.
7.4 RECOMMENDATIONS TO THE COMMITTEE. (Voting delegates reduced to 22).
1 That the committee respect the constitution and action AGM decisions. Votes - 22 YES.
2 That the FW should be a High Level Class; and base all future decisions on that. Votes - 14 NO (FW IS a high level class , but it is so much more than that )
3 Rejected: as the Class cannot by definition become "one -design " ; and could not accept that the Class had no responsibility to its "recreational " / amateur membership .
4 Rejected: as the content was contradictory, and had also been actioned through earlier decisions of the AGM .
7.4.2 FW and OLYMPICS 2008. (Voting delegates in the room 20)
1 APPROVED that "the FW Class wants to see Sailboard Men and Sailboard Women remain as two events in the Olympic Regatta for 2008 and beyond ". Votes - 20 YES.
2. 3 &4 Not Voted upon. Instead a lively debate, upon the future choice of equipment, concluded the meeting. This included a report on the recent presentation event in Cadiz, and the forthcoming TRIALS in Torbole (May 2004). The FW Europeans at Torbole would follow this. It was emphasised by the Chairman the importance of the sport of Windsurfing presenting, and maintaining, a "united " front towards this issue (and many others)-as had been reflected in the IWA White Paper (signed by all Class Chairmen, PWA and the Industry Representative) and other initiatives.
Meeting Closed

Distribution: Class Committee
National Class Associations
Class Website
IWA Yearbook

1st of July 20212021 AGM minutes and election results

22nd of June 2019ELECTIONS - 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Windsurfing Class

To be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019, after racing, at the event venue, Puck

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19th of October 20182018 Annual General Meeting minutes

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9th of October 2018Committee changes ...

Following this years AGM Vasco Chaveca has decided to step down from the class committee.

29th of June 20172017 AGM of the International FW Class - MINUTES

Thursday 29th June 2017, Santa Croce, Italy.

8th of February 2017General Meeting approves change to Production Board Rule

The committee approved a change from 50 boards to 25 boards required to commit to producing by brand registering a design with World Sailing.

15th of December 2014Alex Morales joins the management committee

Steve Bodner, long serving member of the FW community, has decided to stand down from committee duties; Alex Morales has been co-opted to fill the vacancy and to represent the North American formula community.

20th of April 2014AGM Agenda published .....

The 2014 AGM will take place during the upcoming Worlds in the Azores.
There have been no proposals submitted to change Class Rules or Championship Rules.

28th of August 20132013 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Annual General Meeting of the International Formula Windsurfing Class held on Thursday 11th July 2013 in the competitor area, event site, Viganj, Croati. Here're minutes from the 2013 AGM.

2nd of July 20132013 AGM Agenda is published ...

This years Annual General Meeting can look forward to a good attendance, since the venue looks to have attracted a (potential) record entry.
It may be the first visit to Croatia for an IFWC Worlds, but if you are not booked in now you may be asking yourself - Why Not !?
The Agenda is long, even without many submissions to vote on, because there are some important "discussion" items that will help drive future class policy .

Agenda & proposals
Voting Paper

14th of January 2013New Racing Rules of Sailing - Windsurfing Competition Rules - changes explained

Andrus Poksi, ISAF IJ from Estonia, has very kindly put together this short summary of changes to WCR in the RRS 2013>2016 edition.