Friday, 27th of September, Sylt, Germany

International Formula Windsurfing Class Association Annual General Meeting 2002

1°) Welcome by the Chairman. Registration of delegates and votes

Marc Cardon – Chairman of the IFWC welcomed the meeting. Honorary Secretary Krzysztof Jaszczynski (KJ) asked to give a statement about registered delegates and to inform General Assembly about voting procedure.

Registered FW paid up members present at the meeting:
1. Australia – Phil McGain
2. Austria – Margit Germany
3. Brasil – Wilhelm Schurman
4. Belgium – Bruno de Wannemaeker
5. Canada – Sam Ireland
6. Estonia – Erno Kaasik
7. Finland – Markus Huhtinen
8. France – Marc Cardon
9. Germany – Matthias Regber
10. Italy – Massimo Masserini
11. Latvia – Ansis Dale
12. Netherlands – Lieuwe Faber
13. Norway – Kristian Olsen
14. Poland – Krzysztof Jaszczynski
15. United Kingdom – John Ellis

Registered FW paid up members proxy votes:

16. Argentina – Ceri Williams
17. Bulgaria – Ceri Williams
18. Israel – Ceri Williams
19. USA – Phil McGain

Registered FW paid up members e-mail votes:

20. Czech Republic – Marek Raska
21. Denmark – Ole Klemmensen
22. Japan – Hideki Miki
23. New Zealand – Anthony Mark Katavich
24. Sweden – Per Svenberg

Committee Members (elected in Thailand) – present

25. Ceri Williams
26. Wojtek Brzozowski
27. Dorota Staszewska
28. Jamie Lever
29. Arnon Dagan

Committee Members (elected in Thailand) proxy votes:

30. Achilleas Tzimas – Matthias Regber

Committee Members (elected in Thailand) e-mail votes:

31. Peter England
32. Theo Don

Committee Members (co-opted in Brasil) present:

33. Matthias Regber
34. Marc Cardon
35. Krzysztof Jaszczynski
36. Phil McGain
37. Diddier Flamme
38. Massimo Masserini
39. Sam Ireland
40. Bruno de Wannemaeker

Class Honorary Secretary, Krzysztof Jaszczynski informed the General Assembly that all paid-up members and Committee members were informed about the AGM date, 4 weeks before and all voted issues were published on the official class website 14 days before the AGM date.
All delegates and committee members present received the vote cards (red for delegates, green for committee members and blue for proxy vote) and were informed that the 15 votes are needed for valid AGM vote.

2°) Report and minutes of previous AGM, Brazil Assembly and meetings, and Constitution adoption – matters arising. Chairman’s proposal.

Marc Cardon read his report about problems arisen during last two years (appendix No1 ) and asked General Assembly to adopt the Constitution 2000/2001, accept the 2001 AGM minutes and other Class documents and confirm co-option of the Commiittee members.

General Assembly agreed by voting to adopt the Constitution, accept the 2001 AGM documents and confirmed the co-option of the Class Committee members.

3°) Chairman’s report

See appendix no.2

4°) Vice Chairman’s report, on events and racing activities in 2002.

Matthias Regber presented his reports given the GA some statistic data:

Three official Championships:
Asians (Thailand) – 24 competitors
Europeans (Portugal) – 46 men, 7 women
Worlds (Germany) – 96 men, 14 women.
FW Youth Worlds (Scotland) – 35 men

Continental Level:
Windsurfing Euro Cup – 9 events – 290 competitors

Global Level:
Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix
4 events planned (three already finished) in 4 different countries on 2 continents – 109 competitors

Formula Windsurfing Women Cup:
7 events – 31 female competitors

All event coordinated by Windsurfing Office.

In the middle of the year PWA has adopted FW as the racing format and already two events raced as IFWC/PWA joint events. PWA will take care about the last global level event in Brasil (November 2002).

Matthias Regber presented also the bids for 2003 FW Championships and event series.

Asians 2003:
Malaysia (March 2003) – Eur- 50.000 prize money

Europeans 2003:
Isla Christina (Spain) – no info about prize money
Torbole/Lake Garda (Italy, July 2003) – no info about prize money
Douarnenez (France) 3-11 May – no info about prize money

Worlds 2003:
Rhodes (Greece) – May or end of October (Euro 50.000 – 31,5% taxes)
Torbole/Lake Garda (Italy, July 2003) – no info about prize money
Cagliari/Sardinia (Italy) – no info about prize money.

Windsurfing Euro-Cup 2003
- will be continued, provisional calendar in October.

Formula Windsurfing Grand Prix 2003
- planned to be combined with PWA Formula Racing under umbrella of the PWA World Cup, negotiations are running, contacts for 2003 will be forwarded to PWA

Formula Windsurfing Women Cup
- will be continued, provisional calendar available as soon as the Euro Cup series is scheduled.

Final decisions for 2003 Championships will be decided by the new Committee as well as the final calendar for sanctioned FW series event.

5°) Financial statement. Without own treasurer, nor class account, approximate class income, possible additional class resources (as ISAF boards and sails registration), probable class costs. Draft class budget for 2003.

Marc Cardon asked John Ellis – IWA treasurer to inform the General Assembly about financial situation of the Class.

John Ellis - Based on the calculation (competitors championships, NCA membership fee) the total income for 2001 was estimated as 20,873 Euro and proved expenses 403 Euro. The rest 20,217 mostly collected by former Class Chairman Peter England, never reached class account in IWA as well as any approved expenses confirming documents.

Phil McGain - asked if we have any accounts for Class money from January to November 2001 and what should be done to return money to the Formula Class.

Marc Cardon replied that Peter England assured him that all accounts will be sent to either IWA or new Class treasurer depends on AGM decision in the point 6 of the Agenda, and all leftover Class money will return to the Class.

The probably income for year 2002 was estimated by John Ellis on the same level as for 2001. The final info about Class income and expense will be available at the end of the year.

The Class budget for 2003 was not presented and the case was passed to the new class Committee.

6°) Ratification of Class Membership of IWA.

Marc Cardon read his critical opinion of the actual IWA structure and actions (attachment 3)

Ceri Williams (IWA Honorary Secretary) – some points in Marc Cardon opinion is factually incorrect. One of the great benefits of IWA is security and safety of the funds. There is no doubt about the class’s right to utilize the income it generates. No budget was presented by this Class to the IWA treasurer or discussed by the Class Committee. There was no vision from the class committee of how to spend the money. YES
It is the IWA’s intention to appoint a general manager.The proposal was not to engage somebody to run the
Classes but to provide services for the classes. Annie as the administrative secretary is doing so now with
great success. The appointment of Rory Ramsden will ensure continuity for the current Olympic class
(IMCO), and has the full support of Boards & More ,who will continue to pay the agreed subsidy to the
class/IWA. The detailed job description is to be completed by the IWA President, treasurer and the
manufacturer representative. The “shortboard classes” are also very well represented, if you take PWA into
The IBSA delegates to its final AGM in Thailand already voted for IWA membership.

Phil McGain could not remember any reservations about Fw membership of IWA being expressed at previous meetings of the IWA Board.

KJ – expressed his disappointment about the IWA structure and its constitution. In his opinion IWA is very strange structure with the Classes as the members but the NCA that are the only representative during IWA AGM. This structure will be good only if the Classes will disappeared (as it was proposed during Thailand meeting) and IWA will take full control of the windsurfing as a whole. But if Classes still exist the Class Chairmen or representative should form the IWA AGM not NCA as Classes representatives. In the form as it is know, IWA is duplicating both ISAF and Classes structure, and it is not clear what is the IWA AGM role in this case. At that moment IWA should be only the office for the existing Classes and nothing more. IFWC should not be the full member in this strange structure but only sign the agreement with IWA to run the office for the Class.

Ceri Williams replied that the British law required that association should be formed this way. And that all National Windsurfing Associations representing the Classes in their countries have voting rights during the IWA AGM. This is reflecting how the windsurfing is actually organized in the countries. Each NA that paid the fee for the Class can vote during the AGM and all the classes have the representation in IWA Board. And that Board is responsible for administering the IWA.

Rory Ramsden –“ I have been involved in windsurfing since 1983. I was elected as the General Secretary of IMCO in 1992. First thing you should remember- my heart is in windsurfing, not in the Olympic Class. What is a class? The class rules define what the equipment is. To form a class you need the representation from NA. NA get together to form the recognized international class. The IWA as the organization collects money from the international classes for the international classes. So the money, the only bank account that exists at the moment for any class, include IMCO is the IWA. And if you look in the annual report you will see that the treasurer has assigned income and expenditure for each class. That is clear. As KJ pointed out the organization structure is maybe slightly complicated. This is the result of the class structure which forms part of ISAF regulations. Obviously it would be much easier if we come together as “windsurfers” and have just one organization to govern the whole process.
The question “ What will i do for the Formula Class?” The answer :”Nothing unless you ask me to do it “. If you ask me what I can do for the Formula Class I will suggest that the first thing you need is improved agreements with the event organizers. The second I will suggest to come up with agreement for the tour organizers that you will know that they all working for you. And the third will be-ask the IWA to collect the prize money into the IWA account before the event so you will be sure that the money will be paid. There are many others things that could be done.-these are immeadiate priorities We also need- a list of approved race directors, the technical (measurement) staff, we need to have a standard Notice of Race and Sailing instructions
Regarding the IWA AGM-on the agenda you will see that the only thing the NCA delegates voted on is the accounts- a requirement of UK Company Law. They did not vote issues that may affect you as a Class. This is the role of the Class AGM.

John Ellis – it is important for windsurfing to be able to speak with one voice ,it gives it strength- including the relationship with ISAF and its Windsurfing Committee.

Ceri Williams – the only people that vote for the Class during the IWA AGM are the delegates from the Windsurfing National Authorities that paid the fee for the Class. It is written in IWA Constitution.

KJ – this is a strange IWA structure. Why did not Class Chairmen form the IWA AGM?. It will be natural and better for the Classes.

John Ellis – The current IWA structure and constitution does not permit this.

Ceri Williams – I do not agreed with the Marc Cardon statement that IWA tried to influence on the Sylt event. We only try to help in solving the problem arising as a result of the conflict between Windsurfing Office and PWA. –the Class and the PWA are both members of the IWA.

The General Assembly decided by voting that IFWC becomes a full member of the IWA (25 votes yes, 6 No, 3 abstain)

7°) Future World Championships. Venues for 2003 and, if possible, 2004. Organization and objective of our World Championships. World Tittles.

The first part of this Agenda point was presented in point 3.

Point A:
In the discussion it was pointed out that it will be the problem for some youth racers to participate in the senior championship because of date. They are the school guys and they should have their championships during the summer holidays. It was also pointed that if there will be one championships for senior and youth the youth should race separately in the different fleet.

General Assembly decided to incorporate starting 2003, the FW Youth World Championships in the Senior Formula Windsurfing World Championships (16 yes, 15 no, 5 abstain)

Point B:

After the discussion and voting General Assembly decided that the World Titles for Formula Windsurfing Class are stay as it is now.
Senior – Men
Senior – Women
Youth – Men (under 19)
Youth – Women (under 19)

The proposal of changing Youth women title to Espoir men(under 22) title was not agreed (12 yes, 16 no, 8 abstain)

Point C:

After discussion and voting General Assembly decided that any Formula Windsurfing Championships shall not be a part of any Continental or World tour ( 24 yes, 10 no, 2 abstain)

8°) Consultative Committees report.

Dorota Staszewska reported about the women committee activity. The main reason for establishing the committee was to get as many women as possible in racing. The training camp activity and women meetings was also reported. Lucy Horrwod and Christine Johnston stated that the women meeting in Miedzyzdroje was not representative for the women racers and till now the women committee was a very informal body.

9°) Establishing of Women Consultative Committees – Other Consultative Committees –

A: General Assembly decided to establish for indefinite period:

“The Women Consultative Committee”

on following conditions:

1. The Women Consultative Committee will be chaired by women racers representative within IFWC Committee
2. One woman racer from any IFWC member will be invited to sit in the Women Consultative Committee
3. Decisions or suggestions of the Women Consultative Committee are not obligatory for IFWC Committee

Nobody voted against.

B: General Assembly decided to establish for indefinite period:

“The Men Consultative Committee”

on following conditions:

1. The Men Consultative Committee will be chaired by men racers representative within IFWC Committee
2. One man racer from any IFWC member will be invited to sit in the Men Consultative Committee
3. Decisions or suggestions of the Men Consultative Committee are not obligatory for IFWC Committee

Agreed with 3 votes no and 1 abstain.

10°) Coming together, parallel policies and common actions with IFCA.

Marc Cardon read the proposal (attachment x)

After voting General Assembly authorized the FW Committee to make officiall contacts with the IFCA to study polices and co-operative actions (34 yes, 1 abstain) and with nobody against. Agreed that this authorisation is valid only for the realization of studies and/or projects that will able to succeed only after validation by the next AGM.
After discussion General Assembly reject the proposal for joint IFCA/IFWC championships next year.

11°) Committee size, composition and conditions.

After voting General Assembly decided that the new elected FW Committee should consists of 7 elected members, plus women and men racers representatives.

Voting results:
(27 voted for 7 elected members, 8 for 9 elected members and 1 for 11 elected members)

12°) Class Rules Changes. Subject to ISAF approval.

Krzysztof Jaszczynski presented from whom the proposal class rules came. The Class rules came after Committee voting (8 for changes, 5 against and 2 abstain). Some NWA proposed that the Class rules especially in the material part should be freezen for one or two years.

Durring the disscusions sailors, manufacturers and the officials presented their opinion :
- the class needs stability and good administration for next one or two years and after we can think about class rules changes
- the bigger sails give chance for the racers from the regions where the wind is not so strong as here on Sylt to race in low wind conditions
- nobody was stoped sailing because of 12,5 rules. If this size is to big you should simply use the smaller size or start training your body.
- last year the 11 was to big for some sailors but now the same sailors love to use it. The sails changed during this year and if the rules stay as they are now next year we will see better and lighter 12,5
- we should not listen only the racers but also NA’s voises and a lot of NAs do not want the class rules changes
- maybe nobody stopped racing because of 12,5 but a lot did not start racing because of 12,5
- in some countries the fleet is lowering because of 12,5
- for many racers 12,5 is to big but they use them to be competitive. We should lower the sail saize to make the racing more fair for everybody
- if we even agreed for freezing the sail size for next two or one year we should think how to lower the sail size for the women fleet. Many women will never start to compete because of the max sail size.

General Assembly decided by voting to freezing of the current FW material rules for 2 years, 2003-2004.
(20 yes, 16 no)

The class rules changes submission to ISAF will be withdrawn.

13°) Constitution Changes. Subject to ISAF approval.

General Assembly decided by voting for the Class Constitution changes. The Class Constitution as presented in appendix will be send to ISAF for approval

14°) Any other business:
Class Committee recommendations
Class documents
Continental Championships- KJ, needs to follow guidelines of the fw class.
Tours organisers
Relationship with PWA

The point, according to the General Assembly decision, was proceeded after point 17

a. The General Assembly recommend to the new elected Committee that:

- The Euro-Cup and World Cup calendar and agreement with the tour organisers should be decided and signed as soon as possible (October)
- It was proposed that no more than 7 Euro Cup and 4 World Cup event should be scheduled for 2003
- The model Notice of Race, Sailing Instruction as well as the document describing the minimum requirements for the FW events organisation should be prepared and published not late that 1st of January 2003
- The clear Youth and Junior policy strongly needs to by decided by the new Committee

b. Phil McGain ensure the General Assembly that PWA will follow all FW Class rules in all its events. Some form of IFWC/PWA agreement should be prepared and signed as soon as possible

c. Krzysztof Jaszczynski confirm that he is ready to serve as the Class Website webmaster for the next year. The agreement will be signed with the IWA in the name of the Class. KJ asked all delegate for close co-operation of NWAs with the webmaster in promoting the FW activities in all countries. The national level events will be presented on the class website next year. The Women Website will be incorporated into the Class Website.

15°) Resignation of the committee. It proposed all of the current committee, both elected in Thailand and Brazil, should step down to allow for a clear process to be carried out without any confusion.

Honorary Secretary Krzysztof Jaszczynski informed General Assembly that all members of the current Committee agreed to step down.

16°) Committee dissolution. For the same reasons as in §13: If “all” the current committee did not resign voluntarily, it is suggested to the General Assembly dissolving the committee. Pointless, if committee resignation.

Not proceeded – see point 15

17°) Committee elections

Because of Committee resignation (see point 15) only the NWA delegates were allowed to vote.

It was checked that 18 delegates or their proxy were still present at the Meeting. The New Zealand sent the votes by e-mail. The General Assembly was informed that to be elected to the new Committee, candidate need to receive at least 10 votes. As decided in point 11 the new Class Committee should consist of 7 elected member. The delegates were informed that in this case they should vote for at most 7 persons from the presented list of 11 candidates

Each from the 11 candidates received the following number of votes:

Phil McGain – 16
Andrea Cucchi – 15
Ceri Williams – 15
Didier Flamme – 15
Ian Fox - 14
Marcus Huhtinen – 11

Marc Cardon – 9
Witold Dudzinski – 4
Massimo Masserini – 4
Peter England – 3
Mauro Corve – 1

According to the Class Constitution :
Phil McGain, Andrea Cucchi, Ceri Williams, Didier Flamme, Ian Fox and Marcus Huhtinen were elected as the Committee Members for the period of the next 4 years. The seventh Committee member should be co-opted by the Committee and approved by the next AGM.

18°) Chairman and Vice-Chairman elections

The delegates elected by voting:

Ceri Williams as the Class Committee Chairman (12 yes)
Didier Flamme as the Class Committee vice-Chairman (15 yes)

MS Word, version

1st of July 20212021 AGM minutes and election results

22nd of June 2019ELECTIONS - 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Windsurfing Class

To be held on Tuesday 2nd July 2019, after racing, at the event venue, Puck

19th of June 2019Agenda - 2019 Annual General Meeting of the Formula Windsurfing Class

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19th of October 20182018 Annual General Meeting minutes

The meeting was held on Wednesday 19th September 2018, Clube Naval Portimao.

9th of October 2018Committee changes ...

Following this years AGM Vasco Chaveca has decided to step down from the class committee.

29th of June 20172017 AGM of the International FW Class - MINUTES

Thursday 29th June 2017, Santa Croce, Italy.

8th of February 2017General Meeting approves change to Production Board Rule

The committee approved a change from 50 boards to 25 boards required to commit to producing by brand registering a design with World Sailing.

15th of December 2014Alex Morales joins the management committee

Steve Bodner, long serving member of the FW community, has decided to stand down from committee duties; Alex Morales has been co-opted to fill the vacancy and to represent the North American formula community.

20th of April 2014AGM Agenda published .....

The 2014 AGM will take place during the upcoming Worlds in the Azores.
There have been no proposals submitted to change Class Rules or Championship Rules.

28th of August 20132013 Annual General Meeting Minutes

Annual General Meeting of the International Formula Windsurfing Class held on Thursday 11th July 2013 in the competitor area, event site, Viganj, Croati. Here're minutes from the 2013 AGM.

2nd of July 20132013 AGM Agenda is published ...

This years Annual General Meeting can look forward to a good attendance, since the venue looks to have attracted a (potential) record entry.
It may be the first visit to Croatia for an IFWC Worlds, but if you are not booked in now you may be asking yourself - Why Not !?
The Agenda is long, even without many submissions to vote on, because there are some important "discussion" items that will help drive future class policy .

Agenda & proposals
Voting Paper

14th of January 2013New Racing Rules of Sailing - Windsurfing Competition Rules - changes explained

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