10th of October 2003

Steve Allen Worlds 2003 Winner

Day 1,
Race 1, the first start I had a good port tack start but it was then cancelled due to many sailors being over the line early. So after they were disqualified we started again and the wind had shifted so I started by the boat this time and got away clean. I was in a very good position above the whole fleet, but then there was a quite large boat in the middle of the course causing me to tack early for the windward mark. Then Wojtek POL 10 and Ross GBR-83 who were further down on the start were able to go past this boat and get a perfect lift to the top mark. This caused me to round in 3rd position behind them and with Andrea ITA-1 right behind me on the down wind leg. I then jibed a little earlier than Wojtek and Ross feeling they were overlaying the bottom mark which turned out to be correct and I closed in on their lead but still rounding the bottom mark in 3rd. I was then able to point a little higher then both Ross and Wojtek and then all 3 of us tacked at about the same time to go to the other side of the course where the lift was before. Wojtek then being above Ross and me went for his normal trick of reaching down a little to go over the top of Ross to put him in his dirty wind so he would drop further behind which worked. Then I felt him coming to do this to me so when I felt him close enough I pushed for as much angle as possible causing him to drop below me to leave him in my dirty wind for the rest of the race, giving me the win ahead of Wojtek and Ross in 3rd.

Race 2, we then went directly into another race but after having more general recalls we ran out of wind for the first day.

Day 2,
Race 2, the course was completely different as we would need to round the top mark on port tack the opposite to normal. For me the start line was quite boat favored so I started there but I was unable to get away clean so I tacked to the other side to get clean wind and so I would also come to the bottom side of the windward mark on starboard tack. This ended up working great as I got a small lift off the other side of the course and with everyone fighting for the right of way on the top mark in the light wind many sailors crashed creating a big pile up of confusion. I just sailed further on to really overlay the top mark as I could see this about to happen and I sailed by a whole pack of ten odd guys leaving me in 3rd position behind Ross and Miguel POR-5. I managed to pass Miguel on the down wind leg rounding the bottom mark in 2nd behind Ross. I then had a little knock behind Ross and opted to tack to the other side where I had the lift the lap before and try to get Ross like this, but unfortunately I missed this lift and everyone on the other side took a huge wind lift to the windward mark dropping me back as to 5th behind Roy NED-97. Then with the long reaching legs to the finish I was only able to catch back Roy as he cramped up leaving me in 4th position with Ross 1st Gonzalo ARG-3 2nd and Miguel 3rd

Race 3, Same course so I had a much better start this time with similar tactics on the first lap as I did in the race before and rounded the top mark in equal 1st with Antoine FRA-192 just above me. Antoine having his 12.5 managed to go a little deeper and pulled away just a little, but then when I felt we were coming close to being able to jibe for the bottom mark Antoine looked back to see when I would jibe and I just stayed sheeted in and the moment he turned his head back I jibed. Then he didn’t realize until it was too late and I pulled away a good 60 to 80 meters and made the bottom mark easily giving me a good lead. Then on the next upwind leg Antoine tacked off to try what I tried the race before that didn’t work so I kept going. Then further up some others behind started tacking off so I felt I had enough lead on the others still going my way so I tacked off to cover the other guys just in case. I managed to get some of the lift from the left side and pulled further ahead of the others that had tacked off earlier but Devon ISV-1 and Arnon ISR-1 that kept going on the left side closed the gap on me quite a lot but I managed to hold onto my lead to the finish with Devon 2nd Arnon 3rd and Antoine dropping back to 4th like I did the race before.

Day 3, this day turned into a rest day as there was not enough wind for racing.

Day 4,
Race 4, the forecast was good but it was raining terribly in the morning. It then began to clear around 10 to11am with the wind coming in rain squalls. The wind seemed to steady and we were sent to the water but then it shut off again so just after getting back ashore, drying up, and just about to get lunch we were sent back to the water again. The wind had shifted quite a lot making the course and start line very port favored. Then many guys were going for a port start along with me and as port starting is very tricky I guessed there were going to be quite a few crashes so I hung back quite a lot and came with good speed below everyone just a second or 2 late looking for someone to crash and clear a nice gap for me to go through. Then as I predicted there were 2 or 3 crashes making a very good gap for me to go through giving me a very good port tack start just 20 odd meters from the boy at the pin end. There were just 3 guys Sam CAN-1, Jimmy ISV-11 and Ramses NED-72 having a better start on starboard tack and they round the top mark just ahead of me. I managed to pass Ramses on the first lap, then I was slowly catching Jimmy on the last down wind and Jimmy was trying to look too intently at me at when I would jibe for the bottom mark and I knew it would all be in the jibe to get this race as we were so close. I then through my jibe hard and came out better than Jimmy and pumped as hard as possible taking some wind from him planning over the top of him giving me the win in this race as Sam was disqualified for being over the line early. Jimmy was then 2nd Andrea ITA-1 3rd and Ramses dropped to 4th. This was a very important race for me giving me a huge lead in the overall points as the guys close in the overall points did not go so good in this race.

Race 5, was to start after the finish of race 4 and after trying one start we had another general recall with some guys over early Then the wind dropped off almost completely again and the race committee instead of sending us back for lunch while waiting for wind kept us on the water for 30/40 minutes. The wind was off shore and they wanted to make the most of any wind when it would come again, but many sailors risked this and went back and got 5 to 10 minutes rest on the beach. Then the wind filled in with the same direction as before and we had to wait for another 30 min for the committee to adjust the course making me very frustrated and incredibly hungry and thirsty after missing lunch earlier and it was like 4pm. When I get hungry I tend to loose all energy and focus and this is what happened to me and perhaps many others in this race. As myself and many others went to the wrong mark on the 2nd lap loosing many places and I then had no power to fight back leaving me in a frustrated 20th position in this race.

Race 6, After arriving back on the beach around 4:30 pm and no food available for racers for another 20 min we quickly ate something to get back on the water for the next race. It was after 5:30 pm just 1hr 30min before sunset with temperature going down around 10 degrees. I was feeling quite sick and weak after all this but told myself to compose myself for just one more race to just get an average result in the top 10 to secure my lead. So I can’t remember too much about this race except that I was in 4th around the bottom mark on the second lap and lost 2 places on the next up wind leg as I was so wasted and ended finishing 6th in this race. This was enough for me to hold a very good lead in the overall points and recompose myself for the last day of racing on the next day.

Day 5,
After a very long and good night sleep I woke up with good energy and motivation to defend the 1st position for the last day, which turned out to be very light wind making it a little nervous count down for me. Although if there would be just one more race no one could catch me as I still had a very good lead in the overall points and the last possible start was to be at 1:30 pm which was quite early.
Then there was no wind for racing this day letting me not have to defend the lead for a 4th time which can rattle the nerves.
Then I was relieved and incredibly stoked to win the FW World Championships as this was my main goal for this year.

Firstly I would like to give a huge thanks to my wife Agata who still supported me to compete and win even though she was home pregnant and ready to give birth any day now. Then also my whole Family that support me so much, friends and families around the world that have had me stay with them and be part of their Families for some time, and very importantly my mates that trained with me so hard through the year and especially Andrea for lending me his back up 580 mast that I needed to use helping me win this Title. I feel you all should have been standing up there with me for this win, an incredibly huge thanks to all of you for everything.
Also a big thanks to all my sponsors supporting me with the best products in the World.

BENZACNE; tonic face wash keeping my smooth fast complexion
FANATIC; for the fastest and best boards
NEIL PRYDE; for the fastest and best sails
DEBOICHET; for the fastest and best fins
LAVA; sunglasses for the best eye protection.

Best Regards,
Steve Allen AUS-0